Useful Browser Extentions

Browser debugging tools have come a long way in a short amount of time. Here are some of our favorites. Firefox Firebug Firebug is the quintessential developer plugin for Firefox. It comes with several powerful sections: Console The console allows you to view requests made to the server. Each can be expanded to view… read more

Getting a Value Back from a jQuery Dialog

There’s many ways to do so. You can use the close event and pickup values passed through the .data() method on the dialog, you can use a variable in the window context, but these are all very lacking in structure, however –All jQuery UI elements allow you to pass any value you want in while… read more

Making jQuery UI Autocomplete “Super Search”

jQuery UI’s autocomplete widget provides no built in functionality to alter the search behavior, but has a static filter method that can be overridden instead, and as such, will be on an application wide basis. “Super search” is a generic term meaning orderless word search, as that “foo bar” and “bar foo” discover the same… read more

Optimal Nen Queries, Part 1: Delayed Execution

Nen is  a LINQ provider and as such uses delayed execution. Delayed execution means that whenever a query is written it’s not actually performed until the result set is being accessed, which is often by enumeration. Consider the following: [code]var workOrdersQuery = DataContext.Current.Get<EventWorkOrder>() .Where(t => t.WONumber == 3); // No query has been performed yet! var workOrdersCount = workOrdersQuery.Count(); // This runs the query of SELECT COUNT(*)  FROM slx_EventWorkOrder …. var workOrdersList = workOrdersQuery.ToList(); // This runs a query joining in all related… read more

Custom Software Development Firm Builds New Software Suite

Surge Consulting Group, a US-based software development and consulting firm, today announced the completion of a new suite of software applications for Windmill Software, a premier provider of software and services for the Senior Living industry in the US and Canada. TheWorxHub software suite includes: A Rich Internet Application (RIA) that runs as a Software-as-a-Service… read more

jQuery Events by Example

As a supplement to this article, look at jQuery event handling by example. [code] Hello World bar [/code] Event bubbling to parent [code] $(“body” ).click (function() { console.log(“body” ); }) ; $(“p.hello”).click (); >> body;[/code] Original event target on bubbling [code] $(“body” ).click (function(event) { console.log($ ( ()); }); (“p.hello” ).click (); >> Hello… read more

Surge Reports a 270% Jump in 2010 Revenue

Surge, a full-service software consulting firm providing outsourced web and mobile software development services, today announced that its revenue increased by 270% in 2010 compared to 2009. During this time Surge also significantly increased the size of its team, adding senior-level software designers, developers, testers, and project managers as well as sales and marketing executives…. read more

Surge Launches New Custom Web Portal for Flight Test Aerospace

Surge, a global software consulting firm, today announced the completion of a new customized document management web portal for Flight Test Aerospace, Inc (FTA). Surge completed this project in less than 30 days start-to-finish and the web portal is now in live production. “We had previously hired another software consulting company to build our custom… read more