The Role of a Surge Product Designer

The following article was written by Diane Whittaker; an expert product designer at Surge.  You have thought a lot about your new application, imagining how it will function, the business processes that will be streamlined, the cost savings for stakeholders and increased productivity for users. Now, you are ready to build your application. Before any… read more

Be the Javascriptiest

The following article was originally written by George Mauer. George is a seasoned software developer at Surge. Read George’s original post here. Be the Javascriptiest While there is some general philosophizing here, this is largely a step-by-step for building your own jquery collapsing widget. It is a writeup of my talk at Sql Saturday #324… read more

Fair Pricing for Software Development

Unless you’ve got a very small project in your plans, the cost of software development is probably higher than what the average Joe would expect. If you get a quote and it’s surprisingly affordable, chances are, your project is getting offshored to another country, or an inexperienced developer is working on your project. This can… read more

The Dangers of Using a CMS to Build Your Enterprise Application

The following article was written by Mike Nelson; an expert developer at Surge. Websites built with Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Drupal scatter the web by the millions. These systems are vastly popular tools for creating websites and managing user-generated content. They come pre-built with many features tempting developers embarking on enterprise application… read more

Telecommuting: The Future of Business?

The internet has introduced so many new ways for us to communicate with one another. From video and voice conferencing, to live chat interactions and social media. In addition, the number of devices that are internet-connected is allowing us to be found online almost at any time or any place. Regardless of the device you’re… read more

What is Responsive Web Design?

What is Responsive Web Design? In a nutshell, responsive web design (also referred to as RWD)  allows your website to automatically adjust its display and layout to accommodate for any device’s screen size, beit a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The result is an adapted design with no need for your visitor to strain and zoom… read more

Surge Introduces SurgeWP: a Premium WordPress Development Service

New Business Unit will Partner with Freelance Designers and Agencies to Provide Professional WordPress Development with Hosting Options Seattle, WA., Nov. 12 — Surge has announced the launch of SurgeWP, a new business unit that specializes in offering custom WordPress development solutions for agencies, specialty firms, and freelance designers looking to outsource their web development… read more

Investing in CRM: How to Ensure a Positive Customer Experience

According to a new study from Gartner, customer relationship management is now considered to be a top application software investment priority of enterprises. As a result, enterprises are planning more investments in CRM — and venture capital firms are investing more in CRM startups. According to a new study from Gartner, customer relationship management is now considered… read more